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Meet the Team


Shelby Jass



Shelby is the Administrator for Maple Lawn Senior Care and is responsible for overall operations of the campus and corporation. 

Maple Lawn Senior Care

Heidi Appel

Director of Nursing, RN


Heidi is the Director of Nursing Services. She is responsible for all aspects of our nursing care and she oversees the day to day nursing services provided to our residents. 

Roxanne Malcolm, RN

Resident Assessment Coordinator

Roxanne is the Resident Assessment Coordinator at Maple Lawn Senior Care. 

Tammy Aanenson

Social Services Coordinator

Maple Lawn Senior Care

Jan Cuperus

Restorative Therapy Supervisor


Jan is the Restorative Therapy Supervisor. 

Annette Kremer

Activity Director


Annette is the Activities Director and schedules all activities and entertainment for the residents. 

Julia Wright

Accounting Manager

Maple Lawn Senior Care

Lyn Ramerth

Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor


Lyn is the Housekeeping/Laundry Supervisor. She and her staff are responsible for the cleanliness of facilities and laundry. 

Maple Lawn Senior Care

Jason Renneke

Maintenance Supervisor


Jason is the Maintenance Supervisor. Jason’s team keeps our buildings safe, secure, and running smoothly. 

Maple Lawn Senior Care

Brittany Perish

Housing Manager


Brittany is the Housing Manager for Mapleview Estates Assisted Living and Maplewood Court Assisted Living. She oversees the day to day management for  housing and services. 

Maple Lawn Senior Care

Gabriele Buysse

RN Home Care Manager


Gabi is the RN Home Care Manager for our assisted living clients on campus.